Spring is just a few weeks away and soon it will be sandal season. Some of us may have neglected our feet in these past few winter months. We may feel that all hope is lost for our poor feet, but rest assured, we have three tips for softer, smoother and prettier looking feet.

The most common problems that people experience over dry winter months are rough, dry callusing. Not only can this look unattractive, but in some cases can be painful and problematic as calluses can crack and bleed. These small yet painful cracks in the callus are called fissures, and they can be extremely uncomfortable. The worse that the cracking and callusing gets, the longer it can take to solve. However, with daily persistence these problems can be fixed. 

The two main rules to follow for softer feet is exfoliating and hydrating. We have three tips to help you on your journey to spring ready feet.



Like the Sparitual Sole Mate Eco Foot File which is similar to the one we use for our pedicure services and our favorite for at-home care. It can be used on wet or dry feet to exfoliate away dry hard calluses. It is a double sided file, with a coarser and finer side. We suggest using the coarser side first to get bulk off of the callus, then using the finer side to smooth the rest. If you have extremely rough, callused feet, it may need to be used daily at first, then can be used every few days after once the calluses have become more manageable. This file is one of the best ways to combat hard callusing, however, it is not the only trick we have up our sleeve. 



Callusing is not the only problem we can encounter on our feet, but dry flaky skin around the toes and ankles can also be an issue. Build up of dry dead skin cells can cause itching and uncomfortableness, but it can also cause the skin to look dull and dehydrated. The best thing for fighting dry flaky skin of any kind is using an exfoliating body scrub. This is where the Jasmine Tuberose Body Polish comes in and BONUS that it smells divine! It uses coconut sugar, a natural humectant, to draw in moisture from the environment to keep skin hydrated and nourished. It’s also a natural source of glycolic acid, encouraging cell turnover, keeping skin fresh and supple.We suggest using a fair sized amount of scrub in the shower on the feet, between the toes and around the ankles. This body scrub can also be used anywhere else on the body that needs a little help, like elbows and knees. 

SpaRitual All Natural Exfoliating Jasmine Tuberose Coconut Sugar Scrub



The Sparitual Citrus Cardamom Foot Balm is exactly what dry feet crave. This vegan balm is a thick butter balm that will help to hydrate, soften and protect the skin. While some prefer using lighter products on this skin, without a thick balm, the dryness and callusing will continue to come back. Most lotions that absorb quicker into the skin contain larger amounts of water and alcohol, so they can’t penetrate the thick skin on our feet.  A thicker balm has more staying and hydrating power as it can get deeper into the layers of hard dry skin. If you don’t like to leave footprints, we suggest only applying right before bed.

 This balm from Sparitual contains four key ingredients which we love:

  • Aloe Vera: extremely hydrating and healing properties. 
  • Papaya Extract: known as papain, it is a natural exfoliating enzyme.
  • Tamanu Oil: High in fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Shea Butter: Nourishing and hydrating, it also contains vitamins A, E, and F. Also acts as a skin barrier to prevent further dehydration. 

With constant and continuous effort using these three tips, you can have beautiful, soft and hydrated feet from home at any time. However here at BellaBar, we understand that some of us need immediate results ASAP.  You can get all of these results with one of our pedicures. We suggest trying our more hydrating pedicures like: 

  • QueBella - Includes callus filing, sugar scrub and hot oil treatment 
  • Cocobella - A rich coconut milk foot soak and sugar scrub
  • Milk and Honey - Sugar scrub and hydrating milk and honey masque 


Book a pedicure appointment here or Shop our favorite SpaRitual products in our online store!


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